It’s positive

I knew I hadn’t been feeling well for a good week or two and my period was getting later by the day, I said to myself, naaaah – I won’t be. After googling (surely I am not the only one) ‘pregnancy symptoms’, I was skimming my eyes down the list, check, check, check – oh shit. I think it’s time to take the test. I had myself all worked up to do it, got hold of a test while my partner wasn’t around and was all set to do it, until – last minute dinner plans! Noooo. I sat there the whole meal watching the clock as I just wanted to get home and put my mind at ease. Fast forward, we’re finally home. I snuck off to the toilet and took the test. Boom. Positive. I was unsure at first, read the box, looked at the stick again, no, that’s definitely a plus. After pacing back and forward upstairs for about 10 minutes reciting eminem lyrics (knees weak, arms are heavy, vomit on my sweater – you get the idea) I said to my partner “can you come up here”. Straight away “are you OK?” LOL, he knew SOMETHING was up.. he just didn’t know what. The whole time I was pacing, I was thinking how do I tell him, and now he is standing right in front of me, I still didn’t know what to say. So what did I do? I just gave him the test – hah! He smirked, said let me read that and grabbed the box. “Oh yes, that’s definitely positive”. I think both of us were in a bit of shock and thought hmm, maybe a wise idea to do another to be sure? Off to the supermarket we went, got two more. Yep, both positive!

Something in my mind still hadn’t really processed it, and not because being pregnant was a bad thing, I just couldn’t come to terms with the fact that I was ACTUALLY pregnant so I booked a doctors appointment first thing in the morning who confirmed yes, I was definitely pregnant. I think I needed to hear it from a doctor for it to really sink in. Why? I’m not 100% sure!

My story isn’t that exciting, but when I decided to document this journey I had said to myself from the start I was going to be completely open and honest and that’s exactly what I intend to do!

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