Week 8

I am starting to find each week is ticking by pretty quickly! I am 8 weeks, 6 days today – apologies for the late post. It’s week a busy week with also celebrating my own birthday. I have an appointment with the midwife in 2 weeks which is exciting as it will put my mind at ease, thanks to stupid comments that I have let get to me, I am still feeling really anxious about making that 12 week mark. Everything is going fine so I just need to not let others get to me.

I still haven’t experienced any morning sickness yet, while I was at first worried about this – I am not anymore. My mum, my partners mum and many friends never experienced any morning sickness whatsoever throughout the duration of their pregnancy. The midwife also assured me I am just lucky and there is nothing to worry about. I am getting my fair share of others symptoms anyway, so aren’t getting off completely scotch free 😉 my lower back has been extremely sore, I am tired ALL the time (which is very abnormal for me) and I get the worst indigestion several times a day. Sometimes after eating and sometimes just randomly. It’s a funny thing this whole pregnancy thing, people can tell you a million stories and warn you/scare you about their own experiences but all you can really do is just roll with it and deal with things day to day.

I feel the news has brought me closer to my parents which is pretty cool, they’re so excited and wanting to buy EVERYTHING in all the baby shops, haha. I must say, I too am tempted but will wait until after 12-15 weeks to go cray cray. Better to be prepared right?

Until next week…. x

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