Week 11

Yeah, yeah, yeah… I know I am slightly behind 😛 only by 2 weeks so I am sure you’ll let me off.

I am 11w3d today, fast approaching that 12 week mark with my next scan being this time next week – I’m pretty damn excited about this one as we’ll see more than just a blob and I truly think it’s going to make it all feel a lot more real for me.

The past two weeks have been super busy for me, hence why I haven’t posted, I figure I won’t necessarily post every single week but will try do at least 1-2 per month. Nothing new to report really, I’ve still been extremely lucky to date with my morning sickness (what morning sickness?) and the only thing I am really suffering from is fatigue and the dreadful heartburn. I’ve found this past week I’ve experienced some REALLY weird dreams, I don’t know if its related to the pregnancy or possibly just caused by my overactive brain? It’s been horrible, to the point where I wake up (to pee of course) and then don’t want to go back to sleep because I don’t want the dream to carry on. Has anybody else experienced this?

I had a minor bleed last week so had to get the Anti-D injection as I have a not so common blood type, all was fine and we’re back to business now 🙂 the midwife wasn’t worried, so neither am I.

We bought our first big purchase – a cot. Some may say it’s early, but is it? We fell in love with it and had to have it, so we got it! I am super excited about getting a new house (we’re looking to buy in the next few months) and have a nursery to decorate. We’re starting to buy the odd thing here and there, mainly silly novelty outfits, haha – and they’re all being stored at my parents for now.

That’s about it for now I think, I am forgetting the simplest of things, but think I’ve covered it all.

Will post after my next scan! 😀

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