Week 13

Wahoo! 13 weeks today. I thoroughly enjoyed my 12wk scan, made it all feel a bit more real being able to see baby (more than just a wee blob), he/she even waved. The sonographer said baby was very wriggly which doesn’t surprise me. A bit sad I didn’t get a photo as good as some of what we seen on the screen at the scan but that’s OK. We should get the results from the nuchal scan back in a couple of weeks, baby’s heartbeat was strong and all appears to be healthy. I feel like I am always waiting on something… results… a scan… a baby! LOL. Guess it all helps make the time go faster. Everybody says “enjoy it!”. Believe me, I am trying.

Here’s our little peanut..

12wk scan

It’s a pretty cool feeling, and makes me even more excited about the 20wk scan. I think for me, it’s really starting to sink in now. Silly I know and I’m sure everybody is different. I wasn’t in denial previously, I just really hadn’t come to terms with the fact that I am pregnant and will be having a baby in less than 6 months! We’ve now announced it to all of our friends and family which I think is going to make things a bit easier for me as I can now openly talk about things without hiding such a big secret. It also means our friends/family can celebrate with us 🙂

I don’t feel as tired anymore, I’ve got really bad indigestion, ALL THE TIME. A lovely friend of mine is a clinical aromatologist and has made me a few special blends, I am looking forward to trying them all and after hearing the fab results from others, and having used other products of hers – I am confident they will work a treat. I think the indigestion is the worst thing I have to date so should count my blessings as I’ve still experienced no morning sickness! I am super sensitive at the moment and am putting it all down to pregnancy hormones 😉 am trying not to let things get the better of me but with finding it hard to sleep, I feel I have a lot of time to overthink things at the moment.

I had a fabulous pregnancy massage last week, it worked a treat. My lower back has been killing me so it was nice to have some relaxation time. I will definitely go back for another one in a few weeks time.

I have two good friends who are currently pregnant, one is 5 days overdue and the other is currently 38wks so I am super excited to be following their journeys also! Can’t wait for little bubba cuddles ❤

Will chat again in a few more weeks x

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