Week 30

OK OK, I’m sorry, 9 weeks since my last entry is pretty terrible. I certainly have failed on the whole blogging each week of my journey, some weeks go by so fast and often the changes/happenings are minimal. Going forward I will try and post fortnightly as I am now on the home stretch.

I can’t believe I am in the final trimester already, it seems like only yesterday I was shitting bricks thinking how do I break the news to everybody that I am having a baby? And here we are, 9 weeks and counting… I had a wee scare a week or two ago and ended up in hospital for the day, they suspected I may have been in preterm labour. Thank goodness, little man decided he’s snug in there and decided to play ball for a bit longer. I was monitored for about 6-7 hours, some small contractions (I couldn’t even feel them!) but all settled down and I was discharged. Was a bit of a scare for my partner and I and became a bit of a practise run, being in the delivery suite and all. All is OK now and I am remaining hopeful that he stays put until at LEAST 38 wks. My midwife was an absolute god send and I really don’t think I would have stayed as calm as I did had she not been there. 

Baby is currently breech which hasn’t been fun for me, he has made no attempts to date to move so I am hoping he does in the coming weeks. We will have a scan at 34 wks to see if he’s turned, if not, we may look at getting him turned – which I’ve read can bring on labour in some cases so I am ensuring I am good to go from about 35 wks just in case! Fingers crossed that he moves on his own and I don’t need to go through that as I’ve heard it’s not that nice of an experience. If he doesn’t turn in time, I am pretty much destined for a c-section which is not my ideal delivery plan. Whatever will be, will be and at the end of the day, getting baby out safely (and as quickly as possible) is my priority.
My baby shower is in less than 2 weeks, exciting and a little bit daunting (I am so anxious when it comes to having a house load of people). A good friend and my Mum are hosting it and have organised everything so I am looking forward to seeing how it all looks! My partner has decided he is sick of all the attention I am getting so is having his own man shower, quite cute I thought.

The baby room is finished and good to go, am starting to look at what I am going to pack in our hospital bags (knowing I will most likely get uber cute outfits at the baby shower). Due to me being so OCD and plan orientated I really need to be ready in advance, for my own sanity. My partner always gives me shit but one day he is gonna thank me.

I am getting bigger by the day (so people keep reminding me). The stretch marks have taken over and I have decided to just let my body do it’s thing and I will deal with it all after.

I will do a post tonight or tomorrow showing you what I have in the baby room so far, for anybody who actually cares and in the coming days/weeks I will also post what I ended up putting in my hospital bag (for me, and for baby).

Shit is starting to get real now, I had a feeling reality really wouldn’t kick in until the weeks before my due date. Will keep you all posted and with me going on maternity leave soon, I will have a bit more time on my hands.

Until next time…. x

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