As promised, I thought I would do a wee post about our little man’s nursery. As I am not a big fan of heavy patterns or anything over the top I went with shabby chic with a touch of teal (my fav color). I think it’s worked perfectly and isn’t OTT. We have all the big ticket items sorted, and obviously everybody is different so we probably have stuff that others may think are unnecessary but I am happy and would prefer to have something and not use it than need it and not have it. The bassinet is in our room ready as that’s where baby will be for the first few weeks. There are still a few things to sort and the room isn’t 100% finished, stuff isn’t going to stay how it is and it’s all kind of just been put there. There are still things laying around that need to be put on the walls and with the baby shower in 2 weeks I am sure we will have lots more stuff to sort and put away. There’s 9 weeks to go and being extremely plan orientated, I have begun to start packing my bag as well as the baby’s so we’re all good to go and if I happen to go into labour early and am in the city at work, my partner can pop home and grab the bags and I have the peace of mind knowing I packed them so I have what we need 😉

Would love to hear your thoughts!

IMG_0425 IMG_0427 IMG_0428 IMG_0426 IMG_0424

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