Week 38

Well, my promise of not being shit at posting didn’t count for much did it? Soz. I really have no excuse as to why I haven’t as I don’t know what else I’ve been doing?! The last few weeks have been a mixture of last minute preparations, housework, sleeping and more housework. As I write this, there is literally nothing else in this house that could be washed.

I am borderline 39 weeks so thought I better get my A into G (what does that even mean anyway?) and post. I’ve been experiencing lots of braxton hicks contractions over the past week or so, I have never felt them previously (some do, some don’t). I lost my plug over the weekend (TMI) so am hoping that’s a sign that our gorgeous wee man is starting to prep for his entrance into the world. With 9 days until my official due date things are really starting to feel real now. Yes, I know, I’ve been carrying this baby for 8 1/2 months now but it’s not until you’re in single digits (for me anyway) that reality sets in. I’m genuinely excited about the future, I know that once my partner and I find our feet we’re going to be awesome parents. I’ve repacked my hospital back for the millionth time this morning and have now informed my belly I am ready to go! I have a midwife appointment tomorrow so it’ll be good to see how things are tracking, I’ve been really lucky to have a midwife who is also a friend so the extra support and humour has been well received on my end. We’re off to see Magic Mike after my appointment tomorrow so I am hoping that get’s things going, haha.

I think with the birth rapidly approaching, I am starting to freak out a little, I am not going to lie. You hear so many stories, good and bad it’s hard to know what to expect. I am going in there with an open mind, whatever happens, happens. So long as my boy is safe and healthy, I can recover! Too many people set too many expectations to only end up disappointed it didn’t go how they’d intended. I know I am going to feel a massive sense of relief when he is here and that is all that matters to me.

Now that I look well pregnant (like a backwards Ninja Turtle as my partners describes it), I am starting to get all the stupid ass comments from people. I might leave this for a separate blog post.

So, I’ll keep this short and sweet. I am growing by the day, finding it more difficult to do what used to be a simple task. If I drop something on the floor now, I walk away. I roll out of bed like a hippo in water and I haven’t seen my vagina in months. And people say they miss being pregnant. Mmmhmm, you’re not fooling anybody or you are superhuman.

Will post again next week x

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