Our first Christmas

The build ups to this was more substantial than the day itself. Go figure. Everybody talked about how exciting our ‘first Christmas’ would be. Don’t get me wrong, it was amazing having this new little human in our family but let’s be honest, he’s four months old – he has no bloody idea what’s going on. The love all our family has for him is a feeling I can’t quite explain but it’s amazing to watch. He got some damn cool presents and I can’t wait until he’s a little bit older to appreciate them.

We smartly decided not to go crazy on presents, he doesn’t know that I actually just wrapped up a bunch of stuff he already had in his room – the upside to going totally overboard while I was pregnant.

Next year will be totally different, he’ll be walking and will be more interest in the presents and not the paper.

In saying all of this, he was a total trooper on the day, was OK with being handed around, sitting in cardboard box full of wrapping paper and happily slept in a spare room while Mum sipped on champers and enjoyed the moments rest.

I was also crazy spoilt with my partner buying Baxter and I a new car! The love I have for this guy is unreal (even before he got me a G Wagon, haha).

Will do a post in the next few days to summarise my year, but it’s safe to say, I am already thinking about how cool next Christmas is going to be!

Baxter’s first Christmas | 2015

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