4 months

Look at me posting twice in one week. Don’t get used to it, I doubt it’ll be a regular occurrence but you never know…

4 months have been and gone since our little man arrived in this crazy world. 4 MONTHS! It feels like only yesterday I was sitting here moaning about being pregnant.

Everybody tells you “enjoy it while you can, they grow so fast” and I’m all “yeah, yeah”. Holy shit, it couldn’t be more true. Here we were with this tiny human, too scared to do anything in fear or hurting or breaking them. Now I have this chubby little ginger who gives me these big gummy smiles. Yes, you heard right. He is ginger, I am still in denial and constantly say it’s auburn and it’ll darken. There is nothing wrong with being ginger, but considering neither of us are, it’s certainly not what I expected. My partner has a tinge in his beard so we’ll blame him. But, it’s getting darker I swear.

He has the coolest personality and he is such a happy baby, I couldn’t have asked more a more laid back, smiley little dude. I think I have this Mum thing on lock down now, I am by no means an expert but I know what I am doing now. Hah, only took me 4 months.

We are at that cute age where he is finally giving back and not just taking. For instance he actually smiles now and I am not questioning if its wind. He makes super adorable sounds and not just those weird guinea pig noises newborns make. He is actually trying to talk!

To sum up what we’ve accomplished in the past 4 months:

  • We’re all still alive
  • He has moved into his cot in his OWN room! (this is big)
  • We’ve stopped swaddling, it was no where near as bad as I thought
  • Sleeping through the night (1o-12 hours), hallelujah
  • Smiles, like all the time
  • Giggles, seriously fucking cute
  • Dribble, and more dribble
  • He’s rolled over
  • Learnt to love tummy time (I gave him no other choice)
  • Grabbing things and putting EVERYTHING in his mouth
  • Started solids, yeah yeah, some frown upon it – he’s a hungry boy and this is our 2nd week, he seems to love it!

I THINK that’s the big stuff. Crazy to think how quickly these little people just learn these skills out of nowhere. I am bound to have forgotten something but you get the idea…

I think we’re really lucky he has been such a good baby in terms of sleeping etc, I know of others who really struggle and I really feel for them as I know how hard it can be but all I can say is hang in there, it honestly gets so much better you’ll forget those tough days/nights. Persevere and I am always here if you need to shout and scream (or drink wine with).

I know one day I will want to turn back time and wish he was little again but for now, I can’t wait to see what this kid surprises me with next.

Baxter – 4 months old | Photo by Anna Munro Photography

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