I earned my stripes

I heard a quote the other day..

“For every woman who hates her stretch marks there is a woman wishing she had them”.

It really got me thinking. Thinking about the new body I have.

I spoke a bit about it here back in November when Baxter was less than 3 months old. Whilst I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight, my body is most certainly not the same but I am OK with that. Am I really? Yes and no. I wish I didn’t have my stretch marks but they also tell a story and I now have a beautiful boy to show for it. It’s funny because I weigh the same but I am different size and body shape now, my boobs went from a C to a DD and I am not even breastfeeding anymore. I don’t fit any of my old clothes and I can’t stand anything that is tight fitting, although I never did, to be honest.


7 months on and I don’t think I can say I ‘love’ my body but I am coming to terms with the fact that this is my body now. Not everybody gets stretch marks, yay you. I did, and it’s really not the end of the world. My belly button is all fucked up. I did have a piercing but after R called me Christina Aguilera at a scan I took it out pretty quickly, haha.
It’s my body, there is fuck all I can do to change it so I just have to deal with it and learn to accept it. I don’t think I will ever ‘love’ it. I never did, I’ve always been super self-conscious and this has probably made it dramatically worse but time will heal and fade my stripes. Right?

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  1. Dee says:

    Your marks look totally badass.

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  2. Bee says:

    WOW! Love your blog!

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  3. Mum of a son says:

    Wow! They’re amazing. Definitely shows that you had a healthy baby growing in there. Blows my mind what our bodies do when we are pregnant and during labour.
    Your body may change again over the next few months just own it! X


  4. New Mumma says:

    Wow. I don’t usually or ever comment on blogs and stuff but somehow i just stumbled upon this and i feel so touched and kinda overwhelmed. There are actually tears in my eyes. I have stretch marks too! That’s not why I’m crying. Although tbh I have had a couple minor meltdowns over my new-mum body. That quote is incredible and just hit me in the face with a much needed reality check. But the photo wow! Speaks a thousand words. And it makes me feel speechless. YOU ARE SO BRAVE! Thank you for giving me an enormous amount of courage.


    1. newmumclub says:

      Aw. You hit me right in the feels. Thank you so much for sharing that with me. Totally what I need to read this morning. Coming to terms with your new mum body is not an easy thing to do but if you change your mindset and look a the story though stretch marks tell it makes it all a lot easier (and worthwhile). Power to you mama x


  5. jellybeanb says:

    Damn. Thank you for this. It not only further preps me for what my body will be going through, but that it’s okay to have mixed feelings about it all as well! Best to you!


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