An open letter to the un-engaged mum at the cafe

Dear un-engaged mum at the cafe this morning,

I know it’s important for you to get out and enjoy a nice lunch & a coffee. It’s also nice for me to be able to put my child down in the play area without having to watch your child more than you because you’re too consumed by your mobile phone.

You didn’t once look up from your phone to notice your child was snatching toys off my 9-month-old son and was getting so close to him it made me uncomfortable so I ended up removing him from the situation.

Maybe you could spend less time on your phone and more time teaching your child about manners and the importance of caring + sharing.

I know its important to you to see what your friends got up to on the weekend or post that selfie you just took but it’s extremely important to me that my child feels comfortable and safe around other children.

I didn’t appreciate your all-of-3-year-old yelling in my babies face and seeing him flinch, and still – you did not even look up from your phone.

Just because a cafe has a child’s area, it doesn’t make it a free unsupervised daycare.

Yours sincerely,
A new mum who is still learning but has common courtesy

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. 30vs30 says:

    Omg this drives me nuts! Yes, I get that you need time out (hey, we all do!) but I will always have one eye / ear tuned into my child. Love this post x


    1. newmumclub says:

      Exactly! I can’t understand how a parent can just leave them be. Glad you enjoyed x


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