For months I was excited at the thought that my little man would soon be mobile, I couldn’t wait for him to start crawling.

He now crawls and I wish he didn’t. Does that make me a bad mum? No, I just underestimated how hard everything would become once he was finally on the move.
Gone are the days of plonking him down (safely) and running to the toilet. Laying in bed with him and he would just lay here next to me.

My god things changed, I leave the room, he follows me. I sit down to play with him and he goes for every single thing he’s not allowed to touch or play with. I try to cuddle him and he just wriggles and wants to be put down to explore and get into mischief.

Nooooo, bring my baby backkkkk. I honestly cannot believe how quickly they change & develop. 2 weeks ago he wasn’t even crawling or trying then within a week he did it once and now nothing will stop him. He sits up from laying in his cot (so annoying) and is now using things to try to pull himself up and stand (and is often successful).

Life’s funny how you wish for something and then when it happens you wish it hadn’t. I love that he’s more mobile and is learning new skills which excite me, I just miss my wee baby who was so reliant on me.

Let them be little, you’ll miss it when they’re not.

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  1. Jess my little man is 4.5 months and I am like don’t roll, don’t crawl, don’t grow at all! Haha so aware that his immobility is a major asset right now haha! I don’t think we are bad mummas, just realists haha xxx


    1. newmumclub says:

      Yep, I hear ya sister! There is no stopping Baxter now but I am learning to embrace it! x


  2. Rin says:

    Jess, my boy is the same age as Baxter and I’m dreading the walking phase already! The crawling is bad enough – I can’t leave the room for 2 mins without him getting into some sort of mischief. I came back into the room after leaving him alone for 2 mins the other day and couldn’t see him anywhere! After a minor freakout, I noticed the speaker stand behind the couch swaying – the cheeky monkey had crawled through the tiniest gap and was happily nestled in there, shaking the speaker stand. Every time I think I’ve moved anything from cabinets and shelves that he could get his sticky fingers on, he goes and seems to grow another centimetre the very next day and can somehow reach what I’ve just moved. I do love the hide and seek we play now though, where he crawls to find me. And he’s just getting into loving being chased down the hallway, as he tries to crawl away as fast as his little hands and legs will take him 🙂


    1. newmumclub says:

      They’re fast little things aren’t they. Now Baxter is confidently crawling there is no stopping him. I also am learning to enjoy the fact he follows me around the house, hehe. There could be worse things, right?


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