We’re doing it all over again…

Yes, we had so much fun with Baxter, we’re doing it all over again! Reuben and I are having another baby! Due in April 2017.

I’ve just announced it on the page and thank god because it was getting hard to hide. I am 13w3d today and am starting to show already, the joys of #2 I am told.

I am already getting the “oh, wow” “you guys don’t wait long” “again?!”.

Not that I need to justify my families actions and decisions. Yes, again. This is what we wanted, it works better for us and the children to have a close age gap. They’ll be 18 months apart. Yes, it was planned. Yes, I am aware things will be tough – thank you for extremely unhelpful advice.

I wrote the below post when I was 5 weeks and had just found out:


As I write this post I am hiding a big secret from everybody….


I’ve taken 3 tests today as I am in complete disbelief. Reuben and I have spoken a lot about this and decided we would begin to try, little did I know we’d be successful on the first try! So here I am, 5 weeks pregnant and it most definitely hasn’t sunk in yet.

I knew I needed to tell Reuben straight away, cos well, he was in on this too! Let me set the scene for you…

Reuben is sitting on the toilet, one of his usual lengthy toilet breaks with his fav accessory – his phone. I decided to get Baxter in on this and found an old singlet and wrote “I’m gonna have a brother or sister, mums pregnant!” on the back of it and let him crawl into the bathroom as he does. I should have expected this but Reuben paid no attention… I said, “Baxxy, where’s Dad?” in hope of sparking some curiosity, finally, he caught a glimpse of Baxter and said “Why the fuck are you drawing on his clothes?!” I yelled “What does it say, dickhead?!” and finally…. he read it and turned around “SERIOUSLY?!” Haha, yes… I let him finish his business and we both got excited and then a little scared and the idea of 2. Not the most ideal way to announce your pregnancy to your partner but it’s totally us.

I’m sure all these new feelings are normal. Like, holy shit – what was I thinking? Have we made the right decision? Can I handle two?

I realize this post will go live after I’ve made the announcement so my feelings will no doubt change in the coming weeks but I felt it was necessary to document my immediate thoughts and feelings.

Here’s to many new adventures and experiences! Eeeeeekkkkkk.


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  1. Aja says:

    OMG congrats you gorgeous thing! GO mama go! Baxter’s gonna be an awesome big bro and they’ll love the close age gap 🙂 Eeeeeekkkk!!!! *hugs*

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    1. newmumclub says:

      Thank you so much xx we’re excited and nervous all at the same time, hah!


  2. That is the best news! Congratulations 😊 My sister and I are 18 months apart and we have the best friendship 😊 There was a bit of rivalry when we got older, but that’s just a part of growing up. It’ll be a great adventure!

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