Today is #TrollFreeDay. With the way the digital world is rapidly growing, online bullying is on the rise and I am all too familiar with this as somebody who puts their life out there.

Kidspot Australia shared a video this morning feat some fellow mummy bloggers and a few AU favs of mine such as Sophia Cachia – The Young Mummy, Lauren Patterson from Mad Max Mum and Mel Watts – The Modern Mumma. You can view the video here. The comments made towards these women, more often than not from other grown adults is absolutely disgraceful.

Here is just a small taste of what I experience almost daily from people all around the world.


And this is just a very small taste. I delete comments & ban people from my page almost on the daily. Going viral makes it ten million times worse and its time we talk about this and realise it is NOT OKAY. Recently I had a fake Instagram account (no followers/didn’t follow anybody) just to troll me. Comment “ew” and “pig” on my exposed baby bump photos. That’s a lot of effort and I am somewhat flattered by the time spent. Immature and pathetic nonetheless.

You know what? Just because I choose to put myself out there does not make it OK for you to be an asshole and bully me. I am human, just like you. I have feelings like any other person, and you being a keyboard warrior just makes you look weak, jealous and horrible.

How would you like it if your child was bullied online? You wouldn’t. So what makes it okay for you to bully me? How would you feel if people said horrible things to you? Told you that you shouldn’t have had children, that you’re a terrible mother and that they ‘feel sorry for your children’. These comments cut deep. I am far from being the perfect parent but I am a fucking awesome mother and your words will not change this. I am grateful that I was brought up knowing not to be horrible to other people, to respect that everybody is different and we don’t all parent the same, that we all have different opinions and expectations. This does not make you better than anybody else.

You’re judging me, my life and my story, all based on one simple opinion piece you’ve chosen to read for one reason or another, generally reposted by another media outlet using a controversial headline, aka click bait to lure you in. You haven’t once bothered to learn anything about me before making some dick bag remark. They allow comments because that gains more traffic and discussion for them. You comment and say I have too much time on my hands to be a blogger. Um, snap. If you have the time to be going around commenting horrible things, then you sir, have too much time on your hands. If you have to create a fake name lisafrenchfries69 then you clearly have no balls and wouldn’t say it to my face anyway. Guess what? I hate the term ‘mummy blogger’ too but get over it. Not once did I ask for your opinion on what you think of us mums who chose to share the honest realities of parenting. If your child is perfect then yay you, get off Facebook and go live your perfect life.

Here’s an idea, if you don’t like me or what I choose to share and write then don’t fucking read it! This may surprise you but I don’t actually do it to please you or to gain validation from strangers. The amount of people who contact me daily with positive feedback and thanking me for helping them through a rough period of their parenting journey keeps me going and makes me realise I AM helping people and the good outweighs the mindless hate I receive. The people who come up to me in the local mall or supermarket to tell me they love my blog and that I have helped them in some way makes it all worth it. I created a support community for mums on Facebook which is now an amazing, supportive community of  over 7,000 people. People who raise each other up instead of putting others down.

You have to develop a pretty thick skin to put yourself out there like I do (along with lots of others). That doesn’t make it okay for you to abuse me and say horrible things about me or my family. We are people, just like you. We may not make the same decisions you do but that doesn’t make you any better than me.

I can say your comments don’t bother or hurt me, but they do. I try not to read them, but I do.

Maybe next time you’re drafting some shit reply, stop and think ‘am I being an asshole?’. If yes, go get a hobby and get off the the internet.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. You tell them. I like your spunk. People who are jealous seem to like to pick on other people.


  2. Harietto says:

    Sigh. PEOPLE! :/ Great post though, glad you’re speaking up.


  3. The Pregnancy Pantry says:

    Trolling really bothered me and held me back for a while too scared to blog! Decided not to let the sh*ts hold me back. Nasty little cretins that they are.. #trollfreeday


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